A week has come and gone already and we finally have the chance to look back on our time aboard Lance’s SS Thorfinn. Moored in beautiful Chuuk Lagoon, we were spoiled with fantastic views and great people from the very begining. It’s hard to believe that a battle as dramatic as operation Hailstone took place here as you’re at peace when you look into the horizon to palm tree islands and open ocean. It becomes obvious that this wasn’t always the case once you’ve geared up and decended into the unknown; the lagoon floor is where a fleet of imperial Japanese ships, planes and submarines lay to rest following the attack from the Allies in 1944. Diving into and around the wrecks was an experience of a lifetime which has given me a sense of what life aboard would have been more than 80 years ago. The wrecks are still in good condition considering there age and filled with WWII artifacts and marine life. Lance and his team made sure that we were comfortable, very well fed and educated on every wreck leading to the dives. His ship, the SS Thorfinn is an authentic whaler which has been repurposed as a liveaboard. Its construction and size made for a comfortable stay even in the worste of weather and it has interesting history of it’s own that the captain is glad to share with you. A week was only enough to draw a small picture of the event that took place many years ago. It would take a few more to explore every corner of the lagoon but unfortunately, my time here has ran out and it’s time for other divers to pick up where we’ve left off.


– Canada

Kyle B.

Early the following morning I continued my flights to Truck Lagoon. My first choice of lodging was the SS Thorfinn, a classy, gorgeous, 190-foot long, 1954 Norwegian Antarctic whaler converted to scuba diving live-aboard. Within a few minutes of arriving in country, I booked three nights on the ship. A driver took me from the airport to the Blue Lagoon Resort. A high-speed, heavy-duty tender with twin 150 horse Yamaha outboards took me to the Thorfinn anchored in calm waters. It was love at first sight. The graceful lines of the massive high bow, ready to take the biggest waves of ocean storms, were maritime industrial art. Captain Lance and his crew warmly welcomed me onboard.

The next couple of days were diving heaven. The shipwrecks and airplane wrecks of World War II were in abundance all around us. Captain Lance, a legendary character across the oceans of the world, gave us a thorough and delightful briefing before each dive, with sketches on the big television screen. The wreck diving exceeded all my expectations. I was completely satisfied and continually amazed. I will treasure these dives for the rest of my life.


B. (Pilot)

This was truly excellent, great ship Lance, and what stories. Meals were excellent and the dancing girls, well…….! The diving can only be described as fantastic and so deep, a real experience…especially for my kids who always regarded 30m as deep before. I loved penetrating the ‘Rio de Janeiro Maru’, and remember vividly the fear when I lost guide Tomo for 30 seconds. The ‘San Francisco Maru’s tanks are never to be forgotten. Thank you all for a great time in a fabulous ship with the best of fellow divers and crew.

– UK


The 3 A’s aka Anthony Cumine

To Capt Lance and his dedicated Crew, Thanks for a great week of great wreck diving. Again ! My 3rd trip leading a group and its always a pleasure bringing them to Truk. Way more here than you can do in a week. Special thanks to Tomo and Pako for always bringing everyone back in one piece. Nothing beats a great live-aboard right in the middle of the best diving. Everyone has really enjoyed their first trip to Truk, and now a little more icing on the cake with a few days at Yap. I’ll be working on plans for our return trip and we’ll see you in not distant future. Thanks again.

– Y-Kiki Divers, St. Louis, Mo.

Bruce Tanner

Well…. 8 days diving in Truk Lagoon ! It really has been Paradise. I’m so glad the changes have improved the diving facility without destroying Thorfinn’s unique character. One major thank you to Tomo and Eric. Tomo is a legend.! We’ve been treated like royalty. ( Please look after them with Nitrox.) Everything about this ship is excellent, amazing, brilliant, and fantastic. Thanks a million. Having the ship to ourselves was really special.

– Netherlands

Liz and Rob

To Captain and Crew, Thank you for the memorable experience. The diving, the hospitality, the food were all more than one could hope for. Having Thorfinn all to ourselves is a memory we’ll never forget. ” Thank you.

– Melbourne, Australia

Mel and Colin Constantine

Captain and Crew, Thank you for all your understanding and patience. It was a big adventure to go liveaboard with our baby on board. We all enjoyed this adventure in our own ways : – ) Wrecks were nice, but the whole boat and service even nicer. Thanks once more from Meri to Jelyn and Popo.

– Finland

Teiga, Meri

Thank you for an exciting week. Thanks to guides Buster and Tripler ….an awesome pair. Dining and lounge staff were great. Thank you.

Rosemary Cooper Karapol

I have not done a lot of diving here, but this week will have to rate as one of the best. The crew are great, they helped in every way possible. Thank you, I will remember this week for always..!

– West Coast Underwater Club

J. Snow

Captain and crew, Thanks very much for the good time aboard the SS THORFINN. I have never dived wrecks before and would love to do it again. Thanks again,

– Dunsadel NZ

Matt Goddard