Still setting fresh standards for Micronesian Liveaboards

Dining Lounge

Dedicated dining lounge on ‘D’ deck provides booths for 22 guests. Our friendly dining room staff serve breakfast cooked to order with other meals chosen daily by our chef from a varied menu taking any personal dietary requests into consideration. Onboard chefs create a variety of delicious meals and daily fresh baked goods, with attention paid to all dietary needs. An additional bookcase contains overflows of many books at main lounge library – feel free to exchange a finished book for another on shelfs.

Guest Lounge

A spacious comfortably furnished ‘C’ deck salon features a 50” multi system LED TV with DVD player, a CD player with IPOD connection, and a surround sound 6 speaker system. A well stocked DVD and paperback book library, magazine rack, reference books (fish, wrecks) are all available for guest use. Indirect lighting, large view windows and comfortable seating make this a popular guest area. The bar provides a range of beverages – from coffee, tea, hot chocolate and soft drinks, to beers, wines and spirits at reasonable cost.

Thors Lair

Thor’s Lair – an exclusive luxury suite created from two former main deck cabins, features a huge king size bed, adjoining bed settee, 44 inch TV monitor/player, PC table/chair, carpeted walls, 4 view windows, walk-in closet, bar fridge, bedside lighting controls, and shower/toilet room. It is available at slight premium over regular fares.

Guest Rooms

Nine other air- conditioned staterooms accommodate guests in double, or single occupancy at slight premium.  All have in room vanities, indirect lighting and full length closets. Eight rooms located on ‘D’ and ‘E’ decks have double or queen size beds plus adjacent single berths. Private showers and toilets are fitted in each of these rooms. Three additional rooms on ‘C’ deck are bright and spacious with two shared shower rooms and two shared toilets.

Lounge Deck

Camera tables under extended housework, power charging outlets and seating around a tabled over spa.

  SHIP SPA is temporarily out of service for modifications, currently with a tabled covering.

Sun Deck

A popular daytime haunt up on ‘B’ deck, with lounges for sunray addicts. An overhead shade canopy provides cool shade while reading a book or enjoying exclusive views of a magnificent surrounding Paradise, as best appreciated in cooler breezes from shipboard..

Photo Facilities

Two triple tiered camera service and storage tables with compressed air gun for cleaning and maintenance of camera equipment, are conveniently located adjacent to main guest lounge. There are dual voltage 110V and 220V charging points onboard and the main lounge’s large plasma TV monitor and DVD player permit opportune viewing of recently taken footage. Your dive guide is prepared to be your camera valet in caring for your camera systems, shifting them up from boarding deck rinse tubs on request.

Dive Launches

SS Thorfinn operates twin ‘state of art’ 10 m/30 ft covered launches supplied with 300 hp engines providing fast quiet rides to/from dive sites. Numerous custom features are seat edge lighting, under-seat gear bins, easy access dive stairs, camera shelves, depth sounders, GPS and VHF radios. An additional 26 ft service craft performs random duties and serves as additional dive tender on select requests. Fresh towels and cool water are immediately handed to guests on re-boarding dive launch during  quick returns to Thorfinn. Each launch is equipped with first aid supplies and emergency oxygen breathing kits.

Boarding Deck D

Low level Port and Starboard embarkation points enable convenient launch entries for dive groups to gather personal gear and board their designated launches.

Filled cylinders await your personal check of contents prior to departure. In-water cylinder refills assure min 200 Bars and frequently more. Please do not accept less.

Separate filling stations to either side serve their respective dive teams, with air fills to starboard, and blending station to port side. An electric driven gas booster produces good ranges of desired volumes and custom gas blends. Two rinse tubs, showers and bench seating round out these two stations.

Local dive staff assure prompt service, and large lifting derricks for each boat’s onboard stowage, assure quick, positive maintenance.


  • 10 double occupancy rooms for 20 guests.
  • 13 Toilets, 11 Showers, eight in private facility guest rooms.
  • ‘A’ deck with upper bridge controls, electronics mast.
  • ‘B’ deck with navigation bridge forward, chartroom/business center, liferafts, emergency beacons, dive launch storage, aft sun deck with lounge chairs and shade canopy.
  • ‘C’ deck Guest Lounge seating 30 persons, bar, DVD and reading library, surround sound CD/player with I-pod connex, 50” LED TV with DVD player, 2 shower rooms, two toilet rooms, Guestroom No’s 9, 10, and 11. Hallway storage closets.
  • ‘C’ deck aft of Main Lounge, with 2 camera service/storage tables, tabled over spa, and adjacent deck chairs.
  • ‘D’deck forward interior with Dining Room, 5 tables seating 26 persons, adjoining galley and pantry, view windows, bookcase, stairs down to crew area.
  • ‘D’ deck aft interior with Boatique (handicrafts, t-shirts, postcards), dive service center, steering flat, ‘Thor’s Lair’, a large room with luxury appointments, and Room 3.
  • ‘E’ deck aft, with big ensuite Guestrooms 4,5,6,7,8.
  • E deck forward, with large crew mess room, laundry, 3 crew rooms, toilet and shower rooms, walk-in cooler/refrigerator, deck stores and spare outboard motor parts.
  • F deck, with 2 crew rooms, large 2 sided hold with O2 generator, diving compressors, dive and oxy cylinder storages, heavy deck stores.
  • F deck forward of collision blkhd, is anchor chain locker, anchor capstan hydraulic drive motor.