April 12, 2023

Explicos of new Conveniences under ‘A to A’ Plan

THORFINN has begun ‘A to A’ Plans providing direct airport to ship and back to airport service for any and all flights on a min. or longer 8 day stay avoiding delays and lost dive time. The ship is at dive sites diving continuously 24/7/30 while speedy launches pick up or drop guests to airport on personally selected schedules.

Truk Lagoon divers generally desire the most and best diving with their visit, and the ‘A to A’ program is set toward those interests avoiding lost dive time and expenses ashore.

This Plan employs daily rates for primarily daytime services differing from hotel overnight fees.  Our welcoming driver custom transfers 1 or more arrivals to a waiting ride out to ship to either relax,  or begin prepping for treats lying below this great lagoon’s surface.

A comparative sample of pre-pandemic methods still utilized by others follows:

  • Weekly Plan to alternate vessels, from a 10:00 AM flight arrival, transfer fees, hotel room, meals/services rise up to  $300.00 p/p for 1 or 2 days prior to boarding dive vessel. With run out to dive locations a weekly dive program supplies 5.5 to 6 dive days at approx. 14 semi- crowded repetitively dived wreck sites. On final evening guests are ashore to obtain supper, overnigh aboard, disembarking after breakfast with 7 or more hrs prior to a PM flight departure.  Summary is 5.5 to 6 dive days during an 8 to 9 day visit between flights.
  • A to A Plan aboard THORFINN…… arriving 10:00 AM with direct transfer to ship, briefing, lunch, and begin diving by 2:00 PM if desired, or relax to begin full day diving early next morning for 7.5 dive days of up to 5 daily dives at 25-30 crowd-free wreck sites through to final midday departure direct to airport for an 8 day program.

This information may help in deciding to be ashore or boarding directly, as we are pleased to serve either option.

E. Lance Higgs, Capt


‘Diving Excellence built from Experience’