Frequently Asked Questions

The SS Thorfinn

Is the Thorfinn mobile – or does it anchor centrally?

The Thorfinn is securely and strategically moored in the middle of Truk Lagoon. We are located within minutes of various main wreck dives. We have two large 30ft covered RIBs which take divers out from Thorfinn to dive sites around the Lagoon. Thorfinn and her fleet of dive boats provide a broad mobility offering the widest range of diving at Truk, taking small groups of diver to 5 differing daily dive sites adjacent to various anchorages.

Thirty or more wrecks can be dived during 7 dive days.

How is the weather at Truk Lagoon, and is there a Best time of the year to dive?

Truk’s mid ocean location at 7 degrees North latitude is clear of continental monsoons and most tropical typhoons. Little predictable weather change assures a comfortable year round destination.
Best time is anytime. Daily temperatures range from 80 – 90° F ( 25 – 31 C ).
Rainfall averages 4 – 6 inches per month. NE trades bring 10 – 15 knot breezes from December through April, with weak and variable winds (doldrums) for balance of the year.

What are the diving conditions in Truk, and is a wet suit advisable there?

Sheltered waters of Truk Lagoon provide one of the world’s most comfortable dive locations with water temperatures of 28-29°C / 83-85°F, no thermoclines or currents and good visibility 40-100ft (12-30m). Underwater light conditions are normally good with a white sand floor reflecting sunlight, assuring good light at most depths for photography and video. Light skin suits are recommended for coral or wreck protection, and light thermal gear is often used after a few dives due to gradual body cooling as the week progresses. Experienced local guides assure added safety and professional assistance to best enjoy each site.

How many dives and different wrecks can be experienced during a week aboard Thorfinn?

Five dives are offered each day at short distances from the stable comforts of the large mothership.

Durable twin engine launches provide uncrowded diving for small groups, at separate dive sites avoiding the heavy silt outs caused by large group repetitive diving. This system provides a broad range of sites, always with the chance of returning to a favorite. Diving commences within 2 hours of daylight arrivals giving an opportunity of diving 30 or more wrecks over a standard 7 dive day week.

I am an experienced diver and I’d like to know if I’ll get to dive deeper

We offer a broad spectrum of 30 or more wrecks each week; some deep, many shallower. For divers favoring extended deep diving smaller open launches for 3 or more divers are available. The first dive of the day is to one of the deeper sites, progressing to more shallow throughout the day. If diving with regular single tank divers we would ask you to limit your dive to 60 minutes.

How is Technical Diving catered to aboard ship?

We’re accustomed to serving technical divers with either banded double cylinders, up to 15 ltr singles or sidemounts, 3-4 ltr pony bottles, and stages as requested. Special re-breather bottles are available to rebreather users. Twin onboard oxygen generators permit custom gas blending up to 93% (+/-3%) Oxygen content. Optional Tri-mix is available with Helium that should be advance requested to ensure sufficient on-hand quantities.

When I arrive at Truk, how will I get to the ship?

Your trip’s ground transportation from airport or hotel to the ship is provided and included in your package. Friendly van drivers greet and transport you to a nearby pier for transfer by waiting dive tender out to the Thorfinn.

At end of your stay we transfer you back to airport, or to any hotel of your choice.