Thorfinn Truk Lagoon

Unmatched Scuba Diving Adventures in Truk Lagoon

Embark on an unparalleled scuba diving adventure in Truk Lagoon with our dive center, where the underwater world of Truk Lagoon becomes your playground. We offer non-stop, continuous diving operations 7 days a week, featuring up to 5 dives daily across 5 distinct dive sites. This unique approach allows divers to explore over 30 incredible wrecks within just a week’s stay, making us a premier destination for those seeking the ultimate scuba diving experience in Truk Lagoon.

Explore More Of Truk Lagoon With The Most Daily Dives

Strategic Location for Easy Access

Our vessel is perfectly positioned within Truk Lagoon, offering swift and easy access to the lagoon’s most renowned wreck sites. Operating from our base, we utilize our fleet of 30-foot tenders to ensure you spend less time traveling and more time diving. This strategic location and our efficient operations provide you with unmatched diving opportunities, setting us apart as the top choice for scuba diving in Truk Lagoon.

 A Dedicated Team for Your Dive Experience

Our team is dedicated to your diving success and comfort, maintaining a remarkable 1:1 staff-to-guest ratio. Our staff includes dedicated dive teams for personalized attention underwater, hostesses, deck and machinery maintenance personnel, and chefs crafting delicious international dishes. We are equipped to accommodate special dietary needs, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Dive in Comfort and Style

Personalized Diving from Covered Tenders

Dives are conducted from our specially designed 30-foot covered tenders, each heading to different sites to ensure a personalized and uncrowded diving experience. With small group sizes, our experienced local guides, who have been part of our team for over 15 years, will unveil the best attractions each site has to offer, making every dive a memorable exploration.

Enhanced Experiences for Technical Divers

Comprehensive Support for Technical and Rebreather Divers

For those inclined towards technical and rebreather diving, we provide comprehensive support including banded double cylinders, pony bottles, and rebreather bottles upon request. Advanced requests for Helium are recommended to guarantee availability. Our state-of-the-art gas blending facility offers enriched air Nitrox and Trimix to suit individual diving needs, ensuring Thorfinn divers have access to extended bottom times at deeper wreck sites.

Dive into the Heart of Truk Lagoon

At our dive center in Truk Lagoon, we’re committed to delivering exceptional diving experiences, tailored to both recreational and technical divers. Dive into the heart of Truk Lagoon’s underwater marvels with us, where each dive is an adventure waiting to be discovered.