SS THORFINN… Combining Experience, History, Dive Knowledge, and Safety, …with Comfortable Luxuries..!

The Thorfinn is the best way to experience the Truks “best wreck diving in the world” and has been exploring these waters since 1980.  Great space, fine appointments, tasty food, and extensive comforts without pretensions. She delivers the best staff and value for your vacationing dollar..! Within Truk Lagoon, 7 days or more of continuous diving from speedy ‘state of art’ tenders is performed in close range of our mothership positioned closely adjacent to the best wreck dive sites. Visiting up to 5 different daily dive sites as conditions may permit, in small groups provides opportunity to view an unmatched 30 or more wrecks in one week.  Our primary business is completely diving the finest site selections within this great location.

A separate service table section serves ever increasing numbers of Rebreathing divers, giving them easy access and storage to their gear apart from regular filling/departure locations.

Up to 20 island staff deliver cheerful personalized service on a 1:1 crew to guest ratio. They range from individually assigned dive crews attending each diver’s needs, to full time hostesses, deck maintenance staff, machinery staff, and 2 chefs preparing varieties of tasty international cuisine. Special dietary requests are catered as available food supplies permit.

Diving is conducted from powerful, well designed, covered 32ft tenders equipped with radios, sonars, under seat gear bins, fresh water showers, and seat edge lighting.  Each craft dives separate sites to avoid crowding over a single mooring. Diving in small groups, experienced local guides will show the very best attractions at each site.  Some have been with Thorfinn for more than 18 years.

Technical divers can choose from various sets of banded, twin manifolded cylinders in 3 sizes from 7, 11, and 15 ltrs.  Pony bottles, and broadly assorted sizes of re-breather bottles are freely supplied on certain plans.  A big onboard Oxygen generating system produces quality gas at 90 cu ft/ hr and 93% +or-3% purity, supported by 2 levels of electric boosters for final choices of custom gas blends. Sofnolime is stocked and distributed at cost along with optional Helium to meet most requests from today’s discerning technical divers.

Diving conditions in Truk Lagoon are comfortably easy, with minimal currents, bath-like water temperature (29’C/84’F) and very good light. Anytime is ‘best’ time for diving here, as there are no real seasons. NE trade-winds from December to April create a cooling effect with a light sea chop. Rainfall is fairly consistent year-round with short sharp showers followed by ample quantities of sun! Anyone with basic qualifications and skills can dive here on single cylinders to near all sites within their comfort zones, as has been amply demonstrated over past 30 years with enviable safety records.

High attractions of numerous wrecked ships, planes, and a submarine, can be supplemented with occasional runs to pristine outer barrier reefs with bright corals, sharks, eagle rays, huge schools of barracudas, big eyed jacks, batfish and a profusion of reef fish!  Shark feeding dives are optionally provided at several locations.

Neighboring island visits and tours are easily arranged as desired, without shipboard fees. Snorkelers or non-divers often accompany divers aboard dive launches, to view activities below, at many shallower dive sites scheduled daily. Tours are now booked on openly chosen schedules and transfers to/from airport to ship connect to all booked flights. Daily tour extensions can be arranged as adjacent tour space may permit.

A luxury room labeled as ‘Thor’s Lair’ is optionally available on request featuring a king size bed, adjoining bed settee, 44” TV monitor/player, PC table/chair, carpeted walls, 4 view windows, large closet, bar fridge, bedside lighting controls, and large shower/toilet room.

Mobile Internet comms signals from shore are transmitted freely through a ship’s hotspot for reasonable global connections.

Flights into this country were earlier served by two principle carriers as United Airlines at  and Air Niugini at    with the latter yet to resume since pandemic endings. All divers must hold valid dive travel insurance to safeguard themselves from any possible exposures during a distant costly vacation. We can assist with information on best local routings to join us.

Contact us directly at [email protected] or by International telephone as below.


Yours in fine submergences,

E. Lance Higgs, Capt/CEO


P.O. Box 1086, Weno, Chuuk State FM 96942   Fed. States of Micronesia


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