Greetings Divers!

Welcome into views of Chuuk, aka Truk Lagoon famous for its huge array of sunken WW2 ships and aircraft.  THORFINN supplies widest diving and sightseeing experiences at this great WW2 shipwreck site.Forty- two years of diving this location has created a refined system to gain broad views of near countless shipwrecks and aircraft downed in 3 major attacks by US forces 79 years ago. Special dispatches to surrounding reefs and coral heads can add views of excitingly brilliant aquatic life at this unparalleled shipwreck location.

Diving continuously 24/7 from a sheltered central mooring between closely adjacent wreck sites provides divers with quick access to the many sites by speedy ‘state of art’ 300hp twin-engined 32 ft. launches assuring maximum varieties in quality wreck and reef sites. Featuring up to 5 different daily sites, small groups enjoy fine views and penetrations free of numerous divers at singly moored locations. Thorfinn divers enjoy fine views of up to 30 appealing sites during 7+ continuous dive days aboard, with experienced guides on every dive, each leading small parties of 4-6 divers safely to the best intrigues below.

Truk Lagoon Scuba Diving

Four Dive Plan options match personal profiles or skills with wide site choices safely delivering top   benefits of this system with the most diving during a visit. Personal facilities and fine food/snacks are convenient minutes from each dive site, avoiding long tenures with shore craft or sea motions of lighter dive craft at exposed sites. THORFINN’s 1,100 ton displacement assures comfortable rock solid conditions aboard by any comparison.

Diving profiles follow long established guidelines producing one of today’s most admirable dive safety records. Full safety gear aboard dive launches and ship assist in maintaining this record.

Plentiful oxygen from onboard generators supply a deck blending system for broad choices of custom fills and Nitrox. Optional cylinder sizes are available for use on request. A large ship’s staff readily welcome everyone to enjoy delights served from this great ship, our floating home base at a central Pacific Paradise..!


Respectfully sharing in fine submergences,

Lance, Capt of THORFINN