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Rio de Janeiro Maru in Truk Lagoon

This extremely large wreck sits on its starboard side in shallow water meaning coral growth is heavy on the port beam and marine life is plentiful. With the largest bow and stern guns on offer in Truk, the Rio De Janeiro was the after lunch dive on this particularly beautiful afternoon on the lagoon. As…


Nippo Maru in Truk Lagoon

The Nippo Maru is always a great dive due to its relatively shallow depth providing plenty of coral growth, its proximity to the main islands providing pelagic action and the huge amount of war memorabilia and ship remains including tanks, trucks and stacks of guns and ammunition. So this morning, after some preparation, we made…

Shark on the Nippo Maru in Truk Lagoon
Turtle on the Aikoku Maru

Aikoku Maru in Truk Lagoon

On a windy day here in Truk Lagoon, the Aikoku Maru is close by and makes for a more comfortable 10 minute boat ride. After anchoring, we were secure on the wreck and with safety checks done, the ascent onto this deep, legendary technical site was magnificent. Schools of barracuda, dogtooth tuna and jacks flooded…


Boiler Re-tubing

We have just successfully completed sea trials on our starboard boiler which over the past few weeks has been getting re-tubed by a specialist team from the Philippines. Because we have two Foster Wheeler type D boilers it meant we could carry on diving operations as normal during this period. We continue to invest in our vessel, Truk Lagoon’s…

SS Thorfinn Engine Room

New Package Especially For Rebreather Divers Visiting Truk Lagoon

SS Thorfinn is proud to announce the launch of a special new package created especially for rebreather divers visiting Truk Lagoon. We are now pleased to offer a custom full service plan tailored to the needs of divers without bubbles..! SS Thorfinn has long supported rebreather divers supplying dedicated rebreather cylinders and Sofnolime but we…


Free Enriched Air Nitrox

Using ‘Enriched Air’ or ’Nitrox’ also sometimes called ’EANx’ is a great way to extend your bottom times without going into decompression especially on repetitive daily dives. As well as gaining longer no decompression limits, using enriched air nitrox also results in a reduced decompression penalty due to the lower level of nitrogen absorbed during…

SS Thorfinn dive tender