I-169 Shinohara Submarine

The I-169 Shinohara Submarine was a KD 6 A (I-168) Class submarine built for the Imperial Japanese Navy and launched 15 FEB 1934. She was built by Mitsubishi of Kobe and was renamed for her last Commanding Officer LCDR Shinohara, the only survivor of her ill fated crew. During the war the I-169 Shinohara Submarine…


Betty Bomber Mitsubishi G4M

Betty was the Allied code name for the Mitsubishi G4M bomber. This aircraft designed in 1939 for the Imperial Japanese Navy, was quite successful during early part of the war, due long range and good carrying capacity. Unprotected fuel tanks proved their greatest undoing, even leading to death of famous Admiral Yamamoto ambushed while aboard…

Betty Bomber