SS Thorfinn

Truk Lagoon Wreck Diving

Wreck Diving in Truk Lagoon

Truk Lagoon’s warm tropic waters, sheltering islands and extensive barrier reef make it one of the world’s most comfortably exotic scuba dive locations. This huge ocean lake centered at the heart of Micronesia has reef and wreck diving suiting all adventure seekers, from shallow snorkeling, down to deeper wrecks (still within recreational limits) for more advanced divers. There are minimal currents with consistently reasonable to good visibility, making the diving easy and accessible for any diver. Penetrations and dive depths are nominated and customized to the comfort, needs and experience level of individual divers. Read more

Ship's Log

Seiko Maru

74 years ago today on the 17th July 1940 the Seiko Maru officially entered service  for the Japanese Dairen Steamship Company. After being requisitioned by the Japanese Navy they made use of her heavy cargo handling facilities to move goods from the Empire throughout the Pacific. On one of these journeys the Seiko was believed by the Americans to have been sunk

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British Attack On Truk

One of the less publicised attacks on Truk was a raid carried out by a British led task group on the 14th – 15th June 1945. By this time Truk had been neutralised as a major threat to operations in the Pacific and ‘Operation Inmate’ as the attack was called wasn’t much more than a training exercise for the crew

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Boiler Re-tubing

We have just successfully completed sea trials on our starboard boiler which over the past few weeks has been getting re-tubed by a specialist team from the Philippines. Because we have two Foster Wheeler type D boilers it meant we could carry on diving operations as normal during this period. We continue to invest in our vessel, Truk Lagoon’s premier live aboard and one of

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The entire experience far exceeded my already high expectations. The lagoon is simply awesome with its huge variety of dives available. I shall cherish and relive every dive for the rest of my life and Capt Lance’s knowledge on the history of the lagoon is spectacular. I also love being adopted into the Irish fraternity.

Ross Waters | Vancouver, Canada

It was 2 years in the planning but we finally made it to Truk and the Thorfinn……. And not even Typhoon Francisco could stop us!! A million million thanks to Lance and his fantastic crew for our brief but a “once in A lifetime” experience on board SS THORFINN. World class diving with a fantastic crew – a unforgettable experience,

The Irish Divers | Ireland